About Green works

Green Works, a leader in green solutions and forerunner in sustainability, has operated in the UAE for over 15 years.

Our core services include landscape maintenance (external and internal), plant production, plant and irrigation installation, landscape design, waterway management, pest and disease management, compost recycling, and agriculture and horticulture consultancy.

Green Works prides itself on being the green arm of Al Barari, a unique development in Dubai that places the environment ahead of building to the extent that 80% of the project area is dedicated to the landscape, compared to other projects which are made up of 20% greenery.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to exceed each customer's expectations, to promote and encourage and achieve excellency and continuity in sustainable horticultural best practices, and continually seek to better our service in all of our landscaping activities through ongoing training and quality assurance methods.

Green Works' vision is to become the leading green provider in the landscape sector by exceeding our clients' expectations.


2014-2015 IPA - Best International Residential Landscape Architecture

2014-2015 IPA - Best Residential Landscape Architecture, Arabia

2014-2015 IPA - Best Residential Landscape Architecture, Dubai

Our Team

Anil John

Landscape Maintenance Manager

Anil John

Anil has a bachelor of science (B.S) in Agricultural Science and over 24 years of experience in horticulture and irrigation. He manages and maintains more than 14 million square feet of botanical space of which 80 percent is lush planting and waterways filled with a variety of water plants.

Anil is responsible for overseeing landscape maintenance, plant installation, preventive maintenance, plant protection methods, soil analyses, and palm tree and turf grass maintenance, as well as quality assurance and plans.

Queeny Canete

Estimation Engineer/Procurement Officer

Queeny Canete

Queeny has a bachelor of science (B.S) in Agricultural Engineering, is a PRC Licensed Agricultural Engineer, and has more than 10 years of extensive experience with contractors and suppliers and handling multiple budgetary projects.

She conducts site visits to evaluate the requirements prior to making estimates and preparing the bill of quantities (quotations) of proposed landscape projects including hard landscapes, and irrigation for internal and external landscaping works. Queeny is responsible for sourcing suppliers and subcontractors, processing material requisitions and preparing commercial evaluation sheets.

Aruchamy Marappan

Irrigation Engineer

Aruchamy Marappan

Aruchamy's extensive engineering experience of over 20 years ranges from design, engineering and build of pumps, pump rooms, and irrigation systems for softscapes and agricultural farms to design and programming of decoders, satellite controllers and central control systems. He engineers pipeline networks, hydraulic designs and control cables layout, and prepares longitudinal profiles and cross sections. Aruchamy installs irrigation systems, and manages the testing and commissioning of irrigation systems, controllers and pumps.

He is responsible for project costing, budgeting, progress review and reporting, manpower planning, work inspections and certifications, quality management and control, as well as the preparation of measurement sheets, bidding for tenders, variations and EOT claims, preparation of interim valuations.

Mary Jean Ibong

Office Manager

Mary Jean Ibong

Mary Jean masters Microsoft Office and database management and has extensive experience in handling different business aspects.

She joined Al Barari in 2008 and Green Works in 2012. She is in charge of preparing the quotations and weekly and monthly management accounts reports. She also schedule the landscape maintenance for private villas.

Savaporn Supaphol

Horticultural Researcher & Manager

Savaporn Supaphol

In her past experience, Savaporn worked for almost 7 years in the academic department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture at the Kasetsart University, Thailand, as Assistant Professor. She joined 2 Postdoctoral programs in the UK and Australia. She also oversaw several organic vegetable programs including one run by the Government of Thailand and two others using the Integrated Cropping Management (ICM) procedures.

Savaporn offers solutions for environmental considerations, especially in landscape design, landscape maintenance and waterway management. She manages the implementation and dissemination of research, training, and scientific and technical knowledge.

She assists in the evaluation and implementation of technical cooperation work for Green Works. She designs and develops new products and processes for the plant nursery and the patented green wall system, and formulates and undertakes commercial projects on environmental conservation and soil nutrition to provide a healthy landscape. She has an advanced understanding of agricultural production in the Middle East.