About Green works

Green Works, a leader in green solutions and forerunner in sustainability, has operated in the UAE for over 15 years.

Our core services include landscape maintenance (external and internal), plant production, plant and irrigation installation, landscape design, waterway management, pest and disease management, compost recycling, and agriculture and horticulture consultancy.

Green Works prides itself on being the green arm of Al Barari, a unique development in Dubai that places the environment ahead of building to the extent that 80% of the project area is dedicated to the landscape, compared to other projects which are made up of 20% greenery.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to exceed each customer's expectations, to promote and encourage and achieve excellency and continuity in sustainable horticultural best practices, and continually seek to better our service in all of our landscaping activities through ongoing training and quality assurance methods.

Green Works' vision is to become the leading green provider in the landscape sector by exceeding our clients' expectations.


2014-2015 IPA - Best International Residential Landscape Architecture

2014-2015 IPA - Best Residential Landscape Architecture, Arabia

2014-2015 IPA - Best Residential Landscape Architecture, Dubai

Our Team



Anil John

Anil holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science. He specialises in horticulture and manages the overall landscape maintenance, construction, design, execution, plant production, and retail offerings of the plant nursery. He has over 27 years of work experience in the Middle East landscape industry.

Roles: oversee and direct daily operations of the division. Ensure complete customer satisfaction and long-term sustainable growth. Horticulture knowledge, proven management and leadership competences. Good working knowledge about planning, leading, organising, and controlling the department to achieve its objectives. Identify business potential and develop strategies. Allocation of time management. Strong ability to meet tight deadlines. Lead and motivate to maximise resources. Manage various teams for Al Barari community including more than 14 million square feet of residential landscape area maintenance, including dense planting, lush vegetation waterways, themed gardens, and large residential villas.



Badhar has over 33 years of experience and worked with major landscape companies in Qatar and the UAE resulting in his outstanding expertise in the fields of Construction, Maintenance, and Team Management.

Roles: Horticultural and general landscape management. Technical site advice of plant usage. Effective practical approach to problem solving in landscape. Multi-lingual and effective communication from clients to site workers. Manage and control allocation of resources including staff, equipment, and consumables. Monitor work progress and quality control measures. Provide leadership and guidance to team in novel situation or where unusual issues occur. Strong ability for problem solving and settling site disputes. Keen eye and gifted instincts for identification of core problems resulting to the prevention and mitigation of unforeseen project issues and complications.



Shailesh holds a Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and has over 12 years of experience in the field of horticultural plant production. He is well versed in gardening and landscaping practices in the GCC with unparalleled knowledge on the growth, characteristics, and behaviors of numerous plant varieties in the Gulf and Asian region.

Roles: Roles: Overall management of plant production. Plant usage and selection (local). Stock and inventory management. Procurement of supplies and administration. Manage records of work activity and personnel reports. Overall supervision of nursery staff and evaluation of staff efficiency. Management of compost production. Inspection of facilities and equipment. Oversee tree and shrub planting initiatives from various companies in the UAE. Control nursery and plant shifting operations, costs, methodologies, and manpower/material/equipment requirements. Handle and review plant inquiries and requirements from internal and external projects. Regulate and supervise plant distributions, returns, and mortalities in the community.


Irrigation Engineer

Aruchamy Marappan

Aruchamy has a Bachelor’s Degree from the Agri College of Agricultural Engineering and has an extensive experience in: design, engineering, and build of irrigation systems; design of irrigation systems for softscapes and agricultural farms; design and programming of de-coders, satellite controllers, and central control systems; engineering of pipeline networks, hydraulic design, and control cables layout, preparation of longitudinal profiles and cross sections; design of pumps and pump room installations; installation of irrigation systems, testing, and commissioning of irrigation systems, controllers, and pumps.

Roles: Prepare bill of quantities, project costing, and budgeting. Procurement follow-up. Progress review and reporting. Manpower planning. Work inspections and certifications. Quality management and control. Testing and commissioning. Project handovers. Preparation of measurement sheets. Bidding for tenders. Cost control techniques during post-contracts. Variations and EOT claims. Preparation of interim valuations. Final account. Liaison with contractors and clients for payment certifications. Certification of subcontract works. Payment certificates to subcontractors.

Mary Jean Ibong

Office Manager

Mary Jean Ibong

Mary Jean holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is a highly-organised administrator with proven office management skills and wide experience in managing different business aspects. She combines a professional and confident approach in providing clear management and supervision to ensure that any concerns or complaints are dealt with appropriately, effectively, and in a timely manner.

Roles: Organise and supervise administrative activities and document records. Store paperwork and computer-based information. Masterful knowledge of using a variety of softwares, spreadsheets, and databases. Interpersonal and liaising skills, ensuring courteous and efficient interaction with clients. Assist with the preparation of the weekly and monthly management accounts reports. Prepare actual monthly and yearly sales reports. In charge of the Growmaster software and plant database. Coordinate various community landscape maintenance issues with the team for swift resolution. Liaise with clients for closing and finalising appropriate landscape maintenance schemes and contracts.


End-User Villa Maintenance Supervisor

Mary Jean Ibong

Randy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering and has over 15 years of experience in Landscape Implementation and Maintenance Operations, including 11 years in a lead or supervisory capacity. He is well versed in both indoor and outdoor landscaping practices and principles within the UAE.

Roles: Horticultural consulting. Plant selection and advices to villa owners. Address problems and concerns of villa owners. Coordination and supervision of program activities and personnel. Oversee landscape installation and maintenance and conduct periodic field inspections. Ensure safety and professional work standards.


Quantity Surveyor

Clarice holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and has over 10 years of experience in Landscape Architecture and 5 years in Project Estimation in the UAE. Clarice has exceptional skills and experience in planning, detailing, designing, costing, and coordinating projects.

Roles: Conduct preliminary site surveys and studies. Assess a site’s potential to meet client’s specifications. Prepare and present detailed plans, costings, and working drawings, including material specifications. Present proposals to clients and negotiate any amendments to the final design and budget. Calculate manpower, material, and equipment costs based on dayworks from various projects. Prepare manpower allocation tables and detailed information matrices and reports. Prepare quotations and specifications for internal landscape projects and external inquiries. Calculate overtime costs of company resources as allocated in various work locations. Prepare budgetary forecast tables for ongoing and future projects.